Coming interview on Mexico’s involvement in Peacekeeping Operations

Some days ago, we bought this book at the Mexican Navy Center for Higher Studies.

Introduction to Peacekeeping Operations, Author: Alfonso J. Motta Allen


The author, a former Mexican Navy officer and Dalhousie University PhD. in International Relations, is a well regarded expert in National Security and United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UNPKO).
Next week, MXSECURITY will interview Mr. Motta on Mexico’s future involvement in UNPKO.
 You can send your questions by posting them on the “comments” section.
Till next week.

One thought on “Coming interview on Mexico’s involvement in Peacekeeping Operations

  1. I would like to ask about the implementation of peacekeeping operation in Mexico. Despite the statements of experts which denied the current situation of Mexico as a not armed conflict. I would like to say that we are in an armed conflict of non international character. According to case law, we already reached the level of organization and violence to fit in this criteria. If the people say that we arent, it is just because they do not know anything about International Humanitarian Law. Therefore, I could say that we can find a solution in this international framework.

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