Eurocopter installs a new facility in Queretaro, Mexico

Despite initial reports that confirmed Monterrey as Eurocopter’s new facility site, the company finally made its call: the winner is Queretaro.

According to a just-made-public press report, Eurocopter’s decision was taken after a “comprehensive study to determine the optimum location…” for its new production site.

Queretaro’s aeronautical cluster is home to various high-tech aeronautical giants such as Bombardier, which produces its brand new corporate jet Learjet 85 right there.

Eurocopter’s announcement confirms Mexico as a powerful aerospace-production platform.

According to press reports, the new facility –worth US $500 million- will strengthen the company’s presence in North America.

If you want to access more information on Mexico’s booming aerospace sector, go here:

Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries:

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