Mexican Air Force buys C-27J Spartan

Well, it’s official: the Mexican Air Force is buying four C-27J Spartan transport aircraft.

Alenia Aeronautica C27J Spartan

Press report by the main contractor:

“Finmeccanica, through its operating company Alenia Aeronautica, signed a contract worth
approximately USD 200 million with Mexico to supply four tactical transport aircraft C-27J.

The first aircraft will be delivered by the end of 2011 and the whole supply will be completed by the
end of 2012. The contract envisages also the logistics support for the entire fleet through the supply of
spare parts and GSE (Ground Support Equipment).

The Spartans (VIDEO) will serve along the recently-acquired CASA C295 transport aircraft and the much older C-130 Hercules.

Spartan C-27J cockpit (

Addendum: thanks to Favian Uriel for the information.

7 thoughts on “Mexican Air Force buys C-27J Spartan

  1. Some people say that its aircraft has the same characteristics than C-295 and the logistics cost will be very high.

    In your point of view….it purchase would be neceesary to FAM or represent a loss of money buying an aircraft with similar condition that C-295 that will increase logistics cost into the Mexican Air Force?

    1. Dear Israle, thanks for posting.

      Well, both airplanes have similiar characteristics.

      Although the C27J is a GREAT aircraft, I do think that the Air Force should have bought more C295 in order to reduce maintainance costs and increase interoperativity with the Navy’s transport means.

      Best regards.

      1. According your knoweldge and contacts into the Mexican Air Force…within the National Security Strategy the Goverment and SEDENA are thinking to buy more C-295 in order to reduce logistics costs?

        On the other hand the Mexican Goverment has into their Security Strategy to buy C-130j during this administration?

        Thanks in advanced….Best Regards

  2. So far, there is no evidence that the MX Air Force will acquire more C295. At least not in the short term.

    On the other hand, the Mexican Government is not going to buy the C-130J.

    The C-27J’s and the C-295 will be the backbone of Mexico’s military air cargo over the next years.

  3. Hi. I just curious, i know that the air foce will not replace its f-5 interceptors till 2012 , but if they are do you know what options they are concidering? ( i once heard that 40 ex us navy f/a-14 legacy’s were an option?)
    Also i heard a rumor of more c-130H and of more bell-412’s. What do you say in regards?
    Sorry its a bit out of the blue

    1. Dear De Seb

      There is no information in that regard. We just posted that the Air Force is replacing the PC7 with the Texan II.


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