Additional EC 725s for the Mexican Air Force

Eurocopter has confirmed that the Mexican Air Force will receive six additional EC 725s Cougar helicopters.

Picture: Eurocopter de Mexico
Contract signature ceremony at Eurocopter de Mexico

The Mexican Air Force had already ordered six EC 725s during the official visit of President Sarkozy to Mexico last year.

The Franco-German-Spanish company –a subsidiary of EADS- stated today that it “…will now be supplying a total of 12 EC725s to Mexico’s SEDENA (Secretaría de La Defensa Nacional) beginning in the second quarter of 2011 for use in transport and civil security missions”.

The EC 725 is the latest version of the Cougar family. As Eurocopter points out, “…this 11-ton class medium-lift, twin-engine helicopter is equipped with five main rotor blades. With its impressive fuel capacity, the EC725 offers a flight endurance of 5.30 hours. It can carry up to 29 passengers in addition to the flight crew, and was designed to perform a wide range of missions.”

The Mexican Air Force will operate 12 EC 725 Special Operations helicopters

The new EC 725s will fulfill a number of missions such as CSAR, transport, MEDEVAC and other special operations tasks.

2 thoughts on “Additional EC 725s for the Mexican Air Force

  1. Do you know if this kinf of helicopter have weapons or It’s only for troops carrier?
    Some European countries have mounted a machine gunner and some of them missiles.
    What version we will have?

  2. It depends on the mission assigned to the helicopters. They can be armed with rocket launchers and machine guns, as well as electronic surveillance equipment (FLIR cameras).
    Best regards.

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