The Army and Air Force increase their Satellite Intelligence capabilities

Mexico’s Defense Secretariat is about to invest almost two million US dollars to increase its IMINT (Imagery Intelligence) capabilities.

The project -named “Satellite Imagery Intelligence” – will grant the Army and Air Force direct access to the SPOT IMAGE satellite surveillance system.

The SPOT system was created by the French National Space Research Center in close cooperation with the European Space Agency. Its satellites provide near-time images from all around the globe with high quality resolution.

The Mexican Navy already operates the SPOT system –since 2004- and provides satellite photography to various government agencies, including both the Army and Air Force.

Nevertheless, it seems that the Army and Air Force want direct access to the system –bypassing the Navy- in order to make the intelligence gathering process more effective.

Here you will find a good example of a SPOT satellite image.

8 thoughts on “The Army and Air Force increase their Satellite Intelligence capabilities

  1. Good, Mexico needs this kind of tecnology, for inteligence activity against DOT, but also need to get a force of drones to help to get imaginery on the action front line.

    This kind of tech will help to take better decissions

  2. Dear Alex, thanks for the comment. The Mexican Air Force has a number of brand new Elbit HERMES 450 UAV in operation.

    Besides, both the Federal Police and the Mexican Navy operate UAV’s made in Mexico by Hydra Technologies.

    Best regards.

  3. I,m not sure but I knew that only the Federal Police is using UAV’s by Hydra Tech. Tne Navy is using Tecnnology of Israel on the other hand this kind of tecnology maybe will be using together with the radar Indra 3D that SEDENA is reviewing in Spain

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      The Federal Police operates the Hydra Technologies S-4 Ehécatl, just as the Jalisco Government does.

      The Mexican Navy bought a similar system (Ehécatl) and will be used as an intelligence and litoral surveillance platform.

      The Mexican Air Force didn’t want to buy the Ehécatl in the first place. Instead they bought the Elbit Hermes 450.

      Best regards.

  4. HI, Good afternoon, just a question. Do you Know something about “El tirador Solitario”? I have had searching about this bloh and I can’t fin anything.


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