Mexico increases its radar-detection capabilities

In order to increase Mexico´s air-traffic surveillance capabilities, the Air Force is about to spend 250 million USD for a number of state-of-the-art radars. 

According to the Mexican Air Force, the ground-based radars already in use are “obsolete” since they have been in continuous operation for more than 16 years without replacement. 

The new radars –also ground based- will be operated by the Integrated Air-Surveillance System (SIVA in Spanish), Mexico’s most advanced radar surveillance platform. 

Although SIVA’s backbone is comprised of ground-based radar facilities, it also operates airborne platforms such as the Embraer 145 AEW&C and the Embraer 145 RS/AGS. The Fairchild C-26 Metro is also a key element of the system. 

In MXSECUITY we believe that SIVA’s new radars should increase air-to-air drug traffic interdiction operations. However it also raises a key question: is the Air Force’s air-interdiction fleet ready for the challenge? We believe not. 

There is an urgent need to replace the ageing fleet of Northrop F-5 Tiger II and Pilatus PC-7. 

SIVA’s success depends on it. 


The Mexican Navy operates its own radar-surveillance platform based in the Gulf of Mexico. The Thales Raytheon AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radars provide air surveillance coverage over Mexico’s main oil production facilities in that region of the country. 

Thales Raytheon AN/MPQ 64 Sentinel Radar (Picture: Raytheon)

2 thoughts on “Mexico increases its radar-detection capabilities

  1. Excellent analysis, we hope this modernization helps to reduce the menace of the DTO’s on their effort to still using Mexico as a plataform for distribution to USA and a developing market for drugs.

    Also I’m agree on the need to get modern air fleet to intercept DTO’s planes.

    I was a follower of your last blog, I hope this one keep with us on the blogsphere for long time.

    1. Dear Alejandro, I really appreciate your comments.

      The new radars will boost Mexico’s anti DTO’s operations, as you pointed out.

      As of my new blog, I will do my best. I also hope you will keep visiting.


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