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Este blog está dedicado al análisis y discusión de temas relacionados con la seguridad nacional y la defensa. El autor es fundador y Director de Inteligencia en Riskop, una firma mexicana de inteligencia estratégica y control de riesgos y Director del Institute for Strategy and Development Research, ISDR. Estudiante del programa MA Maritime Security por la Universidad de Coventry, Inglaterra (2020-2022). Politólogo por el ITESM Campus Monterrey y egresado del William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (DPCT 2016). Investigador Externo del Instituto de Investigaciones Estratégicas de la Armada de México y conferencista en el Centro de Estudios Superiores Navales y el Colegio de Defensa Nacional.


Breaking News (May 3th)

UH-60M (Picture: US Army)

A US State Department senior official said today that five Sikorsky UH-60M helicopters are going to be delivered to Mexico “at the end of summer or the beginning of autumn” as part of the Merida Initiative program.

It has been reported -further confirmation is needed-  that the Black Hawk helicopters are going to be used by the Mexican Navy for a variety of missions such as CSAR, Drug Trafficking Interdiction and Special Operations.

With a state of the art all-glass cockpit (four MFD’s) and an expanded payload capacity and range, the UH-60M is the most advanced version of the Black Hawk family.

UH-60M Cockpit


The US State Department has said today (May 6th) that three Black Hawk helicopters are going to be delivered to the Federal Police in October, and that “a number of other Black Hawks ordered by the Mexican Navy will be delivered next year”.

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